This is T-Rex from Cavalier Rescue.


This is Halle with the German Shepherd rescue here for a spay! She is 5 months old and already has her forever home!


This is Rocket from westside german shephard rescue, he is 5 months old and is here for a neuter.


This is Timmy from Smiley Tails Rescue. He is 13 weeks old and here for a neuter.

Legend & Blizzard

These are the cute rescue puppies today from animal rescue volunteers. They are all 10 weeks old. The tan and white puppy is Legend. The white one with goopy eyes is Blizzard.


This is lucy from Westside German Shepherd rescue. She is 13 month and here for a spay


This is Jayden, now named Koda by his new dad. He is here for a neuter and is from westside german shepherd rescue. He is 10 months old as well.




This is max from Adapt me rescue, he was here for a consult for an ultrasound with Dr. Spadaro.


Albert from Rescue

Phoebe from Cavalier Rescue

Denali from German Shephard Rescue

Poppy from Westside German Shephard Rescue

Grace from Westside German Shephard Rescue

Ava from Westside German Shephard Rescue

(got a spay recently)