Hot Pavement

Happy Monday! As the weather continues to heat up, our pets can be especially vulnerable, so the team at Anza Animal Clinic wanted to share some helpful tips to keep your pet’s paws safe and protected.

Did you know that pavement temperatures can be 40 to 60 degrees hotter than the outside air temperature?
That means that, even on a 77-degree day, your pet’s bare paws could be vulnerable. At 125 degrees Fahrenheit, your pet’s paw pads can burn if they stand on the pavement for long enough. While black asphalt tends to get hottest, concrete can also get deceptively hot on warm days.

How can I tell when the pavement is too hot for my pet’s paws?
When in doubt, use the palm of your hand to test the temperature of the pavement. If it is too hot to keep your hand on the pavement for at least 10 seconds, it is probably too hot for your pet’s paws. On days when the pavement feels too hot, it is best to walk your pet on grass or soil. If you live in an area where there isn’t as much grass or soil to walk on, we suggest walking your pet earlier in the morning before temperatures reach the 70s.

We hope you and your pets enjoy the warmer weather, and for more tips, tune back into our blog weekly for updates.

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