New Clients

If you are a new client with and would like to Make An Appointment, please complete our online booking form or contact us at (805) 495-1059.

New Client Information for New Dogs and Cats Coming to Anza Animal Clinic at Westlake Village, CA

At Anza Animal Clinic, your dogs and cats are our number one passion. We want every new client to feel welcome and calm at our veterinary clinic, so we’ve put together this list of resources for new clients and their families. Find out how to make an appointment, fill out your new client paperwork, prepare for various veterinary services, and more. We look forward to meeting your family!

Fill Out Forms Before Your Visit

We value your time, and we want your pet’s first visit to be as thorough as possible. That’s why we make it easy to skip the wait and plan ahead! Download and complete your pet’s new client paperwork before your visit. If you have AdobeReader®, it’s easy to download and fill out the new client registration from the comfort of home.

What to Expect from Our Thousand Oaks Veterinarians

Our Westlake Village veterinarians work hard to minimize stress and health risks for every patient. For example, we have separate entrances for dogs and cats, so make sure you use the designated door when you arrive. And because you play such a big role in your pet’s health and happiness, we want you to be fully prepared for their appointment. Before your pet’s first visit, learn exactly what to expect. We offer the following veterinary services for new patients:

Pet Wellness Exams for the Surrounding Areas of Thousand Oaks, Lake Sherwood, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Westlake Village, CA

Your pets need annual wellness exams for the rest of their lives, but the first exam is especially important because it gives us an opportunity to meet and evaluate your pet. During your dog or cat’s first wellness exam, our Thousand Oaks vet will inspect their teeth, gums, fur, nails, skin, eyes, ears, nose, and more. We will also weigh your pet and ask questions about their lifestyle, diet, and previous or current symptoms. Our goal is to establish a baseline for future visits and make sure your pet’s preventative and diagnostic health needs are covered.

Dog and Cat Vaccinations and Parasite Prevention

Prevention is more effective and pleasant than treatment, especially when it comes to contagious diseases and parasitic infestations. Your new puppy or kitten will need a round of vaccines to defend their vulnerable immune systems from common diseases like rabies and distemper. To ensure the vaccines are effective and minimize risks, we’ll recommend a follow-up schedule of booster vaccines for younger patients.

We also offer parasite preventatives, including topical and oral medications that prevent fleas, ticks, and worms. If your pets spend time outdoors or in boarding facilities, it’s very important to make sure they’re protected from internal and external parasites. We’ll review your pet’s history and lifestyle, recommend or prescribe the best products for at-home use, and teach you how to administer them.

Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spaying and neutering are common outpatient procedures that seriously improve your pet’s quality of life. If your pet needs a spay or neuter surgery, we will schedule a wellness exam first to rule out any risk factors and help you prepare for the procedure. During the surgery, we administer anesthesia very gradually to minimize risks, and we use precise instruments and laser technology to minimize scarring. If your new pet needs a microchip, we will perform the injection while your pet is already under sedation. Our Thousand Oaks vet may recommend fasting the night before surgery, and we’ll also send you home with post-op care instructions and pain meds.

Pet Dental Care

If your pet needs a dental cleaning or any other dental procedure that may involve sedation, make sure you follow our instructions for the night before the procedure. We often use sedation to keep your pets comfortable and give our veterinarians the ability to thoroughly clean and polish your pet’s teeth.

Links & Resources for Pet Owners of Thousand Oaks, Lake Sherwood, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Westlake Village, CA

Here at Anza Animal Clinic, we believe pets are happier and healthier when their owners are well informed. We trust these professional associations and organizations to give you accurate, unbiased recommendations and resources for your dogs and cats.

Our Veterinary Clinic’s Payment Options

Our veterinarians don’t want the cost to prevent your family from seeking veterinary care. We offer a variety of payment options for families of Thousand Oaks, Lake Sherwood, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Westlake Village, including CareCredit, a program that offers interest-free veterinary payments for the first six months.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarians at Anza Animal Clinic

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