Pet of the Week

Anza Animal Clinic ~ Pet of the Week


George Block

Murphy Arnold

This week’s pet of the week is Murphy Arnold, a 12-year-old labrador retriever. He is happy to come in for his appointments at Anza Animal Clinic because he knows he will be getting all the belly rubs and love.


Pet of the Week

Anza Animal Clinic ~ Pet of the Week


Our pet(s) of the week this week are the Paicely family kittens! We have had the amazing opportunity to know this great group of people and animals alike since approximately 1996. This wonderful family has 8 kitties in total from 19 weeks old to 11 years old and we couldn’t be more excited to know each and every one of them! From youngest to oldest the kitties are: Callie – 19w, Ninja – 8m, Cyrus / Carly / Muddy Paw – 7yr, Smokey / Ziggy – 8y and Webbie at 11 years young. This family stays attentive as a unit ensuring all of their pets are looked after – happy and healthy. Each one of these kitties has a personality of their own and to watch a family bond over nurturing these wonderful little lives is breathtaking. We are proud to have the Paicely’s as client’s here and hope that in the future more we will have more pet parents like them!

Gidget Forcada

This week our pet of the week is Gidget Forcada! Gidget is a frequent boarder here at Anza! She is a big ol’ lump of love who will bow down and beg for pets from anyone! We have had the pleasure to know Miss Gidget since 2010 when she was about 3 or 4 !! Since then Ms. Gidget has had a lot to overcome. She has pulled through many different ailments all while keeping her happy loving demeanor. Her parents have clearly loved and nurtured this puppo and she is a superstar here at Anza! We look forward to her next stay with us and we cannot wait to scratch her sweet little face!

Bentley Sheil

This week our pet of the week is Bentley Sheil! Bentley has been coming to Anza since he was about 3 years old in 2017. He and his dad are one of the sweetest pairs around, with Bentley’s beautiful smile and his dad’s neverending patience with him they are definitely a dynamic duo! Bentley is a huge ball of fluff and energy, who always loves to say hello to our hospital kitties and every person he meets! He loves to tug his dad’s arm off 24/7 and lives to just be loved. Bentley always brings a smile to your face and dad’s obvious love for him makes the smile last all day. Anza loves having the two of them come in every time and appreciate getting to be a part of Bentley’s good health – we just gotta cut down his snacks!

Cookie Vlaovich-Witzer

This week our pet of the week is Cookie Vlaovich-Witzer! Cookie is one of our all-time, superstar clients here at Anza. She first started coming to see us when she was just 4 years old in 2011, since then she has stolen all of our hearts! She is now 12 years old and still going strong (all thanks to her wonderful mom)! She is so gentle and one of the calmest souls to meet! She comes to our boarding facilities often for a little vacation while her mom is traveling and all the while during her stay she keeps her house nice and tidy. She is often curled up perfectly into the center of her bed and she mostly likes to observe the other pups – outside of the occasional “awoo” to her nearest roommate. The way she prances outside for each walk just lights up the clinic’s day! She is a perfect snuggler and just an armful of love! We love seeing Ms. Cookie and can’t wait for her next stay here at Anza!!

Bella Lou DeMars

Our pet of the week this week is the lovely Bull Terrier – Bella Lou DeMars! Ms. Bella Lou has been an exceptional patient here since about 2016! Don’t let her “tough exterior” fool you – she is 100% cuddle bug and sometimes crybaby, fit with the sweetest little dinosaur noises you will ever hear. She always has a way of stealing the show when she walks into the clinic. You can’t help but stop and say hi to give her some very well-deserved pets. She is loved to pieces at home as well, with her dad making sure to spoil her rotten!! We are lucky to get to know lil’ Bella Lou and look forward to watching her grow as she spreads happiness with her sweet little face.

“Snickers Kyaw”

This week our pet of the week is Snickers Kyaw! Snickers is a wonderful new addition here to our Anza family! Full of life, spunk, and never-ending kisses this little puppy brings everyone who sees him joy.

His attentive parents are very patient, nurturing his loving demeanor spectacularly. He is still working on his potty-training and his inside voice (he loves to talk to everyone!)

But this little Snickers is on his way to being a full-fledged good boy! We so very much look forward to watching him grow and are happy to have him a part of the family here.

Thank you to the Kyaw family ~ we always look forward to your visits!

“Diamond & Dixie Kendall”

This week our pet(s) of the week are the Kendall sisters ~ Diamond & Dixie. We have had the wonderful opportunity to know these ladies since they were little babies at just a few months old.

These wonderful puppers are the definition of a Shiba Inu – they are extremely energetic, strong-willed, and have the confidence of a much bigger dog with somehow almost as much strength in their little bodies. These two sisters are inseparable – they are extremely loyal and loving to one another – making their feelings heard if they are separated. Their favorite things to do are play with each other, destroy tennis balls and tag team play with Dr. Watase’s dog, Ellie.

Diamond is very spirited, determined and one of the smallest, strongest pups I have ever had the chance to know. She likes to let every other pup and person know that she’s in the room and has no problem introducing herself.

Dixie can be calmer of the two, the key being “can be” – she is just like her sister Diamond in every way, following in all her footsteps. She just lets sis lead the way. When both sisters are together there is no sitting. As we have had the pleasure to see them on a weekly and sometimes daily basis for boarding, we have been able to get to know these pups (their kitty brothers-Julius and Bartholomew) and their awesome mom.

It breaks our heart to know they will be moving very soon to a different State, but we will always remember the “Kendall kids” as part of our family here at Anza.

“Kraus Kitties”

July, Week 3
This week our pets of the week are the Kraus kitties ~ Joey, Peanut Butter, Abigail, and Tinkerbell. They are the sweetest kitties you will ever meet. We have had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful bunch since the early 2000s and we have been lucky enough to know their amazing parents even longer!

Abi can be a little shy at times but nevertheless loves a good head scratch. Tinker has the biggest eyes you’ll ever see and loves all her snacks. Joey is a special kitty who has some difficulties but that doesn’t stop him from anything, especially being the most loving little guy – with an extremely patient and attentive mom! Peanut Butter with the prettiest pattern-she loves to talk all day and won’t hesitate to come and rub her cheek on you for a little lovin!

We are so happy for the opportunity to know these little ones and look forward to helping them thrive! Thank you to the Kraus family! We look forward to every visit, every time!

“Sophie Balian”

July, Week 2

Sophie is a wonderful patient of ours here at Anza! At 8 years young, she lights up the clinic every time she comes for a visit – occasionally just “telling” everyone she has arrived!
She is one of our most patient pups with a smile as bright as the sun and amber eyes that will melt your heart. Miss Sophie has persevered through a lot with her lovely and equally patient mom by her side.

Thank you to the Balian family for being part of our family here at Anza Animal Clinic. We all love to see Sophie and appreciate getting to be a part of her journey, we look forward to seeing her every time!

“Charlie Klaey”

July, Week 1

Charlie is one of our lovely patients here at Anza, who we have had the wonderful privilege of knowing since the Fall of 2016. Charlie is an amazing pup who brightens everyone’s day here in the clinic. From his little “hops” letting you know he’s ready to be carried or how gracefully he wears his “cone of shame”, Charlie’s gentle demeanor will always bring a smile.

He is also a traveler who has been all over Europe. Of course, Charlie didn’t learn it all himself, his wonderful parents are full of love and joy for him. Always keeping their patience and staying attentive to any of Charlie’s needs.

Thank you to “Charlie” and the Klaey Family for being part of the Anza Animal Clinic Family. We look forward to Charlie’s visit — every time!