In-House Laboratory

Laboratory Services in Westlake Village, CA

The Anza Animal Clinic conducts veterinary laboratory testing at our facility. Our pet laboratory is available to residents of Thousand Oaks, Newburyport Park, Lake Sherwood, Oak Park, West Lake, Agoura Hills and the surrounding area. We receive results much sooner than if we sent your pet’s sample out. That means, we get the diagnostic test results sooner and are able to treat your pet sooner.

We offer state-of-the-art laboratory services to ensure your pets get the best treatment possible. In our On-Site Clinical Laboratory we also use other diagnostic tools like Ultrasound, X-Ray and Blood Pressure Monitoring to guarantee that we do everything we can to properly diagnose your pet.

Benefits of On-Site Testing

When we’re able to send the test results to our on-site lab, we’re able to get the test results sooner, and you worry less. Once we receive them, we’re able to start the treatment process. Ultimately, this means your pet receives the best prognosis for recovery. On-site testing ensures the results are more accurate, too.

When We Conduct Laboratory Testing

We may conduct laboratory testing during a wellness visit or when you bring your pet to us when something is wrong. We use laboratory testing before your pet goes in for surgery, so we know if the surgery is safe to go through with and if any further measures are necessary to ensure a positive outcome of the surgery. If we have any reason to believe your pet is sick during a wellness visit, we’ll conduct pet laboratory testing as part of the diagnostic process.

Tests We Conduct

We take the necessary samples based on what we’re testing for. For instance, we take stool, blood, urine, hair or skin and test it in our lab. Our vet will collect the sample, and the results are sent to the lab for analysis. We may conduct a complete blood cell count, also known as a (CBC). This determines the concentration of different blood cells in the body, which helps us diagnose infections, anemia and other conditions that may alter your pet’s blood cell counts. Our veterinarian may collect blood for a chemistry analysis. It tests for the level of glucose, cholesterol, vitamins and other substances in the blood. This particular screening may help detect conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol. Additionally, certain test results may determine if your cat or dog has a kidney or liver problem. We test your pet’s electrolyte amount as well.

Ultrasound Technology

In addition to the laboratory testing we conduct, our vet may also utilize ultrasound technology to view your pet’s internal structures. Our standard Abdominal Ultrasound Study includes examination of the Urinary Tract, Gastro Intestinal Tract, Liver, Spleen, Adrenal Glands, Lymph nodes and Prostate Gland and Ovaries if present. We record on average 80 images and videos. All of our X-ray and Ultrasound studies are read out by Board Certified Radiologists via telemedicine. Ultrasound technology gives us the ability to view your pet’s organs as well as their circulation. Through this technology, we’re able to detect tumors and other masses in addition to diagnosing issues with the organs and circulatory system.

Anza Animal Clinic has the capability to perform various blood tests, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, and other types of testing on site instead of sending samples to an outside lab. This saves time, money, and most importantly, you don’t have to wait overnight for results—meaning your pet gets a diagnosis and needed treatment sooner.

Testing provided in the hospital includes:

Chemistry Panels:

  • Liver enzyme screening
  • Pancreatic evaluation
  • Renal (Kidney) profiles

Wellness screenings:

  • Complete blood counts
  • General chemistries
  • Blood gases
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal testing (parasites)
  • Blood pressure

 Viral screenings:

  • FelV, FIV in cats
  • Parvovirus in dogs

While we do offer an extensive range of on-site testing, it is possible that your pet may need laboratory work beyond our scope. For those cases, we are happy to send blood work or other testing to an outside lab that will send results back to us.

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