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Puppy Care

Puppy Care with Our Westlake Village Veterinarian

At Anza Animal Clinic, our Westlake Village veterinarian is proud to provide the highest standard of veterinary care to pets at all stages of life. If you’ve just adopted a new puppy or are planning on doing so in the near future, it’s important that you have a veterinary team that you can trust with your pet’s changing health and wellness needs! Our team here at Anza Animal Clinic offers all the services your puppy will need as he or she grows into an adult and beyond into his or her senior years.

Health and Wellness Services for Your Puppy

Which health and wellness services are most important for your puppy? For starters, make sure that you schedule a comprehensive wellness exam as soon as possible upon bringing your new puppy home. Even if your puppy was vetted before he or she went home with you, bringing your pup in for an exam is a great way for us to get to know your pet and establish an overall baseline when it comes to his or her health. This appointment is also a great chance for your to get to know our veterinary team and ask any questions you may have about caring for your new puppy.

In addition to routine wellness exams, you’ll also want to make sure your puppy is kept up-to-date on all vaccines. Puppies can require numerous vaccines as they age, so there’s a good chance your puppy will be due for some even if he or she was recently vaccinated. Allow our veterinary team to administer any necessary vaccines during your pet’s appointment and provide you with a vaccination schedule so you can keep up with future vaccination due dates.

Our veterinarian will also want to talk to you about having your puppy spayed or neutered if this procedure hasn’t been done already. We encourage all dogs to be spayed or neutered for their own health and safety; doing so also helps to prevent unwanted litters.

In addition to bringing your pet in for routine wellness and preventative care, also make sure that your puppy has all the basics he or she needs to get comfortable in your home. This should include food and water bowls, plenty of toys, and a cozy bed in which to rest.

Make Your Pet’s First Appointment with Our Thousand Oaks Veterinary Team

If you have any questions about your puppy’s health and safety, or if you’d like to make your pup’s first appointment with our Thousand Oaks veterinarian, contact Anza Animal Clinic today at (805) 495-1059.