alison - va


Alison was born and raised in the Conejo Valley. She’s always been interested in helping animals since she was a child, but her first cat was when she adopted as an adult that got sick and passed away from FIP. While carrying for her sick fur baby, she decided that she wanted to go into Veterinary Medicine to honor Figaro. Year 2000 is when she officially started in vet med as a Kennel assistant, reception, then as a veterinary assistant. 24yrs in, and she can’t see herself doing anything else in the world! Alison has two boys who love to play field hockey and play music. As a family they enjoy going to museums, amusement parks and swimming pools. Alison has three cats, Ravey, Woody and Wanda. Both Ravey and Woody were adopted from a cat café lunge in LA. Wanda was a foster fail that fell in love with Ravey, they sleep together every day. Alison loves to read and do lots of crafts like building miniatures and painting. She also loves trying new restaurants.