Val was born and raised in Socal, moved to San Diego to attend UCSD, graduated in 3yrs in biology, moved back to Riverside and move to Camarillo recently to be with her partner. Val has always been around animals and loves it! She enjoys setting up the client’s expectations and breaking down the visit. She originally started as a kennel tech, eventually becoming a Vet assistant and CSR. Val has 3 sisters who are all older (they enjoy acting like 3 extra moms) but she loves them. She also has 6 nieces and nephews who she loves to play with. She’s been with her partner for 2 yrs that she met at college. Val has a chihuahua mix, Nova and has had her before college and is the best dog and friend ever! In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and baking with her partner and hide seek with Nova!