Many pet owners unwittingly neglect their pet’s oral health, and nearly 80 percent of pets over age three are suffering from some level of oral disease or tooth complications. Issues such as broken teeth, root infections, and gum disease should be addressed right away. These conditions can lead to serious complication in the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and some can lead to diabetes or cancer. However, with proper pet dental care and regular cleanings, our Thousand Oaks veterinarian can help keep cats and dogs healthy for a lifetime.

Signs of Oral Problems in Pets

It’s important for pet owners to take time regularly to inspect their pets’ teeth and gums. Look for any discolored, loose or broken teeth or any signs of blood, swelling or redness around the jaw and gum line. Two other telltale indicators that pets are having oral issues is bad breath, and they may tend to drool frequently and/or excessively. Pet dental problems often cause a reduction in appetite, and certain conditions can cause cats and dogs to chronically paw themselves at the mouth region.

Common Tooth and Gum Issues in Cats and Dogs

According to our vet at Anza Animal Clinic that serves Thousand Oaks, Lake Sherwood, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Oak Park and Westlake, these are the most common pet dental issues identified during oral exams and dental cleanings.

Periodontal Disease: This gum disease develops in pets just like it does in humans. Plaque builds up above and below the gum line, which forms tartar that accumulates bacteria that can cause tissue damage and inflammation. Eventually, the gums weaken and cause problems with teeth’s connective tissues and the jawbone that leads to tooth loss and decay.

Tooth Loss and Decay: While injuries and age can source tooth loss and decay, the biggest culprit of this pet dental condition is periodontal disease. Decayed teeth can lead to infections that cause serious pain and can lead to conditions of other major organs if left untreated.

Oral Cancer: Letting our vet take a close look inside your pet’s mouth allows us to detect signs of oral cancer. Early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

With regular dental cleanings, our veterinarian can help ensure your pet’s oral health.

Dental Care - Before


Dental Care - After


What to Expect During Pet Dental Cleanings

Pets should have a dental evaluation annually, and our vet will determine if cleaning is necessary. While sedated or anesthetized, our veterinarian will gently remove tartar, clean the teeth and polish them. If any teeth or broken or chipped, we offer dental surgery to repair or remove such teeth.

Home Dental Care

Take time to brush your pet’s teeth at least once per week using a brush or a finger let brush with a pet-safe toothpaste. Consider using an oral rinse if your pet doesn’t take to the brushing experience or try giving the dental chews designed to remove plaque and tartar.

Schedule a Pet Dental Exams or Cleaning with Our Thousand Oaks Veterinarian

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