Spay and Neuter in Westlake Village, CA

What is Spaying? 

Spaying removes the ovaries, uterus, and entire reproductive tract in female pets so they cannot reproduce. Spaying has many health benefits for female pets. Female dogs and cats will experience a better quality of life and will have reduced risk of uterine and breast tumors, a common cause of death.

We recommend spaying female pets before their first heat cycle. Our veterinarians can schedule this procedure at the right time.

Spaying Dogs by Our Veterinarians

Dogs can be spayed as early as two months, though many owners wait until six months. Female dogs take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes to spay.

Female dogs experience temperament changes during their heat cycle. Often, dogs become inattentive and wish to be left alone. Sometimes, they can become aggressive. This can be dangerous to your and your family members, as a dog in heat could snap at you or even bite you. Spaying your dog reduces these unwanted behaviors.

Spaying Cats by Our Veterinarians

Our veterinarians recommend spaying time frame for cats is from two to five months. Female cat spay takes 15 to 20 minutes usually.

By spaying female cats, you can avoid their unpleasant heat cycle. Female cats yowl frequently and urinate around your house for up to five days at a time. The process begins again three weeks later, and occurs until the pet becomes pregnant. This unpleasant situation can be avoided when you spay following our recommendations.

What is Neutering? 

Neutering removes a male pet’s testicles, so the pet is unable to impregnate a female. Neutering protects a male dog’s or cat’s health by reducing the likelihood of prostate problems and testicular cancer.

Neutering Dogs by Our Westlake Village Veterinarians

Male puppies get an incision near the scrotum, from which the testicles are removed. Puppy neuter surgery takes veterinary professionals anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

Intact male dogs roam trying to find females in heat. By neutering your pet, you can keep him safe at home while reducing unwanted, aggressive behaviors. Male dogs who are neutered are less likely to mount people and things and to urinate around the home.

Neutering Cats by Our Veterinarians

Male kittens receive a quick snip of the testicles, and the incision is left to heal on its own. The process takes 2 minutes.

Intact male cats tend to urinate in the house as a way of marking territory. Neutering can also reduce aggression in cats, so our pet hospital recommends it.

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With spay and neuter, we administer pain medication and anesthesia to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the surgery. Our veterinarians send you home with care instructions, so you can keep your pet comfortable during recovery.

Protect your pet’s health today by making an appointment for spay or neuter services. Call our pet hospital at (805) 495-1059 to reserve the appointment. We serve the Thousand Oaks, Lake Sherwood, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Westlake communities.