Neuter FAQs

Your Westlake Village Veterinarian Answers FAQs about Neutering

Unless you are a professional breeder, you should have your male dog or cat neutered to prevent unwanted litters and to reduce your older pet’s risk of chronic diseases associated with sustained levels of certain hormones. Your vet in Westlake Village also wants pet owners to know that a neuter procedure is minimally invasive involving a tiny incision and a short 24-hour recovery time.

What are Benefits/Reasons to Have My Dog or Cat Neutered?

Of course, the main reason you should have your pet neutered is to help reduce the unwanted pet population. Millions of dogs and cats are needlessly euthanized every year because neglectful pet owners fail to neuter or spay their pets. Neutering also reduces the urge for male dogs and cats to roam, engage in aggressive behavior and mark their territories by removing the testes and stopping testosterone production. For dog owners who are embarrassed when their unneutered male dog suddenly gets “too friendly” with house guests, neutering can help prevent your dog from “acting out” their reproductive urges. Finally, neutering significantly reduces a pet’s risk for suffering prostrate issues while preventing testicular cancer.

What is the Recommended Age to Have My Dog or Cat Neutered?

Neutering as an adult has several physical and behavioral benefits for your pet. We prefer to allow dogs to mature to 1 year of age and allow cats to mature to 8-9 months.

How Long Does a Neutering Procedure Take?

Neutering a dog or cat takes less than 30 minutes. With dogs, absorbable sutures are used to close the incision. Cats do not require sutures since the incision is so small.

How Can I Make an Appointment with Anza Animal Clinic to see if now is the Time to Neuter My Pet?

If your pet is over four weeks old, call our clinic today to schedule a wellness check with your veterinarian in Thousand Oaks. Once the vet deems your pet healthy, you can then schedule another appointment to have the neuter performed. All new clients receive 25 percent off their first visit!

It is never too late to neuter your dog or cat. Call Anza Animal Clinic today at (805) 495-1059.