Spay FAQs

Spay FAQ: What You Can Expect from Your Westlake Village Vet

At Anza Animal Clinic, we take pride in providing your pet with the level of care he or she needs. A key part of caring for your pet is ensuring your animal is well protected from disease. We also work to help control the overall animal population. To achieve this, we recommend spaying your dog or cat. Visit your vet in Westlake Village to discuss whether spaying your dog or cat is the right decision for your animal. Our team is here to answer all of your questions.

What Is the Recommended Age to Have My Dog or Cat Spayed?

The American Kennel Association recommends waiting to spay your pet between five and nine months of age. Waiting until after the animal has gone through puberty offers some key benefits to the animal. In some situations, doing this as early as five months of age, before the first heat, will provide an animal with a reduced risk of mammary tumors. It’s always best to let our veterinarian help you to make the right decision about when to spay.

What Are the Benefits and Reasons to Have My Dog or Cat Spayed?

There are many benefits of spaying. First, it helps prevent unplanned puppies. This is an expensive cost to any pet family. And, finding good homes for puppies, even those that are purebreds is not easy to do. Keep in mind there are many pets euthanized each year because of a lack of homes. Spaying can help to reduce the risk of illness in females including mammary tumors. In some situations, spaying your cat or dog can also help to reduce the tendency to roam. That means your pet isn’t likely to stray from your home.

Is the Surgery Painful for My Dog or Cat?

The surgery itself will not be painful for your pet because she will be given pre and post-surgical analgesics. We use very safe anesthesia to help ensure your pet is relaxed and still during the procedure. We take every step possible to safeguard your pet’s health here.

Will I Be Sent with Medications to Give My Dog Or Cat If Needed After Surgery?

We will send your pet home with oral pain medications for several days.

How Can I Make an Appointment with Anza Animal Clinic to Have My Dog or Cat Examined for the Spay Surgery?

We welcome you to come into Anza Animal Clinic to discuss your pet’s needs for spaying. We recommend having a puppy visit with us first as a step towards this procedure. We’ll discuss risks, benefits, and the specific process. Contact your veterinarian in Thousand Oaks to get the appointment you need to spay your cat or dog. Call our office today for an appointment: (805) 495-1059.