Dr. Andy Anderson

Dr. Andy Anderson graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. He spent his early childhood in Portland Oregon. Dr. Anderson has lived all over this beautiful country including Alaska, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and New Jersey. Growing up he always had a love of nature and could always find an animal to befriend and care for. When Dr. Anderson was younger, on a family trip to a remote nature preserve in Alaska, his attention was diverted to more pressing matters. His mother turned back only to find he had wandered a short distance away and had somehow found and made friends with a miniature poodle, in the middle of “nowhere”.

Dr. Anderson has a love for all pets; however, he holds a special fondness for exotics. In practice, he treats dogs and cats, also fish, small mammals, birds, reptiles, and even invertebrates. After graduating from veterinary college, he discovered that many veterinary patients could benefit from better pain management practices, so he pursued a rigorous five-year program to become certified in veterinary pain management (CVPP). Currently, he is the only veterinarian certified in pain management in the greater Los Angeles area. Dr. Anderson is passionate about improving the quality of life of all animals through the proper management of painful conditions both acute and chronic.

In his free time, Dr. Anderson is an avid nature and wildlife photographer as well as a hobbyist orchid grower. Animals and nature are his lifelong passions. He lives in Canoga Park with his husband and his rescue dog, Finn.

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