Microchipping Services From Our Westlake Village Vet

If your pet has not yet been microchipped, now is a great time to have it done at our Westlake Village vet. Here at Anza Animal Clinic, we provide quick and affordable pet microchipping services for dogs and cats. Specifically, this procedure involves embedding a tiny (about the size of a grain of rice) chip underneath your pet’s skin. This chip contains your contact information, as well as some other identifying information about your pet. In the event that your pet becomes lost and is recovered, any veterinary clinic or animal shelter can use a microchip scanner to obtain your contact information.

Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

The primary benefit to microchipping your pet is that it allows you to be contacted in the event that your pet is missing and becomes found by another person. This significantly increases your chances of being successfully reunited with your cat or dog. Even if your pet already wears a collar with an information tag, it’s worth considering that when a pet runs away, it is not uncommon for collars to be lost as your pet climbs under a fence or runs through thick brush. With a microchip, your contact information is still easily recoverable, even if your pet loses his or her collar. This provides you with added peace of mind. Microchips can also be easily updated with new contact information if you move or change your telephone number.

Another benefit to microchipping your pet is that doing so can help you prove ownership of your pet, should the need ever arise. Unfortunately, if your pet goes missing and another person tries to take him or her in as their own, there may be little to no way of proving to authorities that the pet is indeed yours. By having a microchip, however, you can prove beyond a doubt that the pet belongs to you.

What to Expect From Microchipping

Microchipping your pet takes just a few moments, and the physical process of embedding the chip is done so quickly that most pets don’t even realize what has happened. We typically handle microchipping during your pet’s annual wellness exam, but we are also happy to schedule a dedicated appointment for chipping your pet. From there, all we will need is your contact information, including your telephone number, e-mail address, and street address. This information will be entered at the time that your pet’s chip is registered with the microchip company. From there, you can immediately begin enjoying all the benefits of having a pet that is microchipped!

Schedule an Appointment With Our Thousand Oaks Veterinarian

If your pet isn’t microchipped, please don’t put off scheduling an appointment with our Thousand Oaks veterinarian any longer. You can reach our team at Anza Animal Clinic by calling (805) 495-1059 to Make An Appointment or simply find out more about our services offered. Be sure to take advantage of our new client special or referral special, too!

One of the worst feelings to experience as a pet owner is a realization that your pet has gone missing. Only 17% of dogs and 2% of cats make it back to their owners—which can make it feel like you’ll never see your pet again if they get lost. Luckily, we have microchips for dogs and microchips for cats!

Anza Animal Clinic wants to encourage you to consider microchipping your pet, even if they live entirely indoors–because even indoor pets can escape and become lost. Unlike collars and tags, microchips can’t fall off and they serve as permanent identification for a pet’s entire life. Microchips are also rated for 25 years, meaning they never need to be removed or recharged during your pet’s lifetime.

Microchipping a pet is simple, relatively painless and very affordable. Once implanted, authorities only need to scan the chip to locate your information. But remember: a microchip is only useful if your contact information is updated.

Anza Animal Clinic believes microchipping is the safest, most effective method of pet recovery available, helping reunite more than 15,000 lost pets to their owners every month. To get your pet “chipped”, Make An Appointment online or call us at (805) 495-1059.